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The faster, simpler way to clean your cooking equipment

Effectively eliminate Black Carbon from your cooking equipment

Used in over 30,000 kitchens worldwide to save time & money

Spectank® enables you to remove existing black carbon build-up, and simplifies the process of cleaning residue oil, grease and fats, from virtually any metal cooking equipment used in your kitchen.

Say goodbye to scrubbing - simply place used items into the Spectank® and leave them to soak. CARBSOLVE® our food-safe, biodegradable, cleaning powder, combines with heated water to clean & sanitise cooking equipment.

What is Spectank?®

Since we started using Spectank® in our kitchen, our staff is much more productive; they no longer have to scrub the pots and pans which saves considerable time and energy. The return on our investment was immediate.

- Efraim Naon, Executive Chef
Barbounia Restaurant, Park Avenue, New York


The Spectank® - filled with water and our food-safe cleaning powder CARBSOLVE® - cleans all your equipment for a full month, significantly reducing Water & Electricity usage.

Cost Saving

Aside from much lower water and electricity costs, you’ll also save on labour, cleaning materials and other operating costs – directly improving your bottom line margins.

Safer Kitchens

Clean filters extract more grease, oil and fat, reducing the risk of fire. Spectank® also enables you to deep clean filters without using caustic acids and dangerous chemicals.

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