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Simplify your cleaning, and save yourself time & money

Spectank® Benefits

REDUCE costs & improve margins

A single filled Spectank® will clean all your equipment for a full month, saving hours of running tap water and the cost of heating that water. Spectank® also saves you hours in labour costs, as well as the costs of the cleaning chemicals, brushes and sponges.

BANISHES black carbon build-up

An initial long soak (up to 24 hours) will restore old equipment, and then daily/ weekly soaking will keep it looking like new by following the Spectank® cleaning schedule.

SPOTLESSLY clean equipment

Clean equipment like stove tops, gas rings, filters and grills regularly, rather than when your staff 'have time for it'. Cleaner equipment improves the aesthetics and colouration of cooked/baked food, reduces cooking time and reduces wastage.


Our proprietary cleaning powder CARBSOLVE® is approved as food safe, and is bio-degradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

SAFER kitchens

70% of kitchen fires start in the ventilation system, caused by trapped oil, grease and fat residue on the filters. Soak your filters in the Spectank® to eliminate all the residue and maintain incredibly clean filters; without the use of harmful, dangerous chemicals like Caustic Soda.

SPARKLING equipment anytime

Spectank® cleans those hard to reach corners, joints and crevices! The Spectank® also works 24/7/365, is never late and never needs a break!

BETTER staff morale

Turn one of the most dreaded, time consuming jobs in the kitchen into a quick, simple task!

COOLER kitchen temperatures

Clean filters extract more hot air, leaving the kitchen cooler and more comfortable to work in.

Spectank® Features

As the original soak tank application, Spectank® has enjoyed worldwide success, with over 30,000 tanks installed in 35 countries to date.

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  • Spectank® is the original decarbonising soak tank application, initially developed 25 years ago.
  • Manufactured from food grade stainless steel, the unit has an insulated construction to minimise heat loss and keep the unit cool to touch
  • Available in a variety of sizes to cater for different types of kitchens, with different equipment.
  • Our proprietary cleaning powder, CARBSOLVE®, is food safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable
  • The tank is maintained by Spectank®  – serviced by a tank technician on a monthly basis to ensure optimal performance, and on-call should the tank stop working at any time.
  • Safe and effective on virtually all kitchen equipment including aluminium, stainless steel, cast-iron, and more, the Spectank® even includes a handy basket to simplify the loading/unloading procedure!
  • Hinged lid which locks in 'Open' position to prevent accidental closing
  • Built on lockable castors, so tank can be moved when needed such as draining, re-filling, etc.

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