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A selection of happy customers from around the world

“The results were excellent. All trays, pans and other equipment came out very clean and shine just like new. The Spectank® System helped save time and labour and showed a savings at the end of the day.

This unit would be an asset in any type of kitchen."

- John Cirillo C.C.C.,
Executive Chef, Hilton Toronto

Hilton Logo

“Since we started using Spectank® in our kitchen, our staff is much more productive; they no longer have to scrub the pots and pans which saves considerable time and energy. The return on our investment was immediate.”

- Efraim Naon, Executive Chef
Barbounia Restaurant, Park Avenue, New York

The Brisbane Club

"We would not have achieved our 5 star rating in the Eat Safe Brisbane kitchen auditing scheme, and with mandatory displaying of establishments rating only around the corner I would recommend all kitchens to take stock of what is being spent on your kitchen management and ensure you have the most important piece of equipment in any professional kitchen."

- Shannon Kellam
Executive Chef of The Brisbane Club & Australia's candidate in the world final 2013 Bocuse D'or, Lyon, France

"A short note to confirm to you our complete satisfaction with the Spectank® we purchased in November. It has taken approximately three months to clean all the trays and tins in the bakery. As they are all now clean it has had a flow on effect to our product appearing much better, and our baking staff do not finish the shift looking grubby. 

The ease of safety and it's operation has not made it a chore to continue with the ongoing maintenance of our equipment. "

-Stuart Macpherson
Brumbys Bread (Australia)

"We were able to get an outstanding results, particularly with our baking trays which came out of the tank like new. Within a one week period we managed to clean approximately 350 baking trays with little or no effort. This is a highly efficient, unique and safe cleaning system for the Baking Industry."

- Raffi (Franchise Owner),
What-A-Bagel, Toronto

"This letter serves to confirm that our Bakery is using the Spectank®, which is supplied and serviced by Mr Henri Du Toit of OZ-TANK QLD. 

This is the best system for cleaning and removing carbon buildup from tins and trays that I have ever seen or used in more than 40 years in the Baking Industry. 

Unlike most other methods, this system is non caustic or alkaline and is perfectly safe. We have been using the cleaning system for more than 3 months and are amazed at the results. The Carbsolve chemical is perfect for use on aluminium and steel baking tins and trays. It does not appear to affect silicone treated release surfaces. 

During a recent inspection of our Bakery by the Caboolture Shire Council Surveyor. She said that we had the cleanest tins and trays she had ever seen in a bakery. 

Unquestionably the Spectank® does an excellent job, saves us money in replacement costs and makes our cleaning easier and safe. We recommend the system most highly."

- Allan D Sheppard 
DIRECTOR Sunflower Bakery and Take Away (Australia)

4seasons logo"We have utilized the Spectank® Cleaning System now for several months in our Food and Beverage operations. Over the years our Kitchen small wares, pots and pans have become heavily encrusted with black carbon build-up. We have searched high and low for a solution that is not only safe but also cost effective.

I have no hesitations in recommending the use of this Spectank® System and would encourage other F & B operations to acquire one."

- Robert Salatycky,
Executive Chef, Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto

"Where else can you find a piece of equipment that will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days a year? The Spectank® is uncomplicated to use, takes up incredibly modest room but most outstandingly, it works and delivers on its promise. A soak tank that eliminates hours of hand scrubbing and washing of kitchen equipment and can even remove grease and oil build up in your canopy filters in no time. The Spectank® is a time and labour saving device that no kitchen should be without."

- Bruno Gentile
President, Australian Culinary Federation Queensland

“The procedure is simple with minimum man-hours involved. I highly recommend Spectank® for any food service establishment.”

- Ann Grannis, RD, LDN Director Nutrition Services
Hospital Corporation of America

"The Spectank® that we have in our Manly branch works exceptionally well and generates the following benefits:

  1. All metal containers, grill tops, filters etc. Are cleaned. Hard to clean items are spotless.
  2. Hoot filters are spotless after being placed in the unit for one hour.
  3. Saves in labour costs. Grill tops requiring one hour of hard labour cleaning, are now clean in ten minutes after being placed overnight in the unit.
  4. Saves the costs of an outside filter cleaning service."

    - David Diamond
    (Owner) Rib and Rumps, Manly & Gordon (Australia)

"Greenslopes Private Hospital is the largest private hospital in Queensland, owned and operated by Ramsay Health Care Australia.

The hospital is a fresh cook operation with the catering department responsible for the production and delivery of approximately 785,000 covers per year.

We were introduced to Spectank® Cleaning Solution Services seven months ago, during this time we have found Oz Tank to be a professional and reliable provider.

Through using their cleaning products we have a saving in cost on chemicals and labour and have also solved many occupational health and safety issues."

- Peter Verheyen 
Executive Chef (Australia)

"The Arundel Tavern kitchen has been using an Spectank® for the past 18 months and have recently put one in our new Narangba Valley Tavern.

We use the tank for cleaning the char-grills, stovetops, exhaust filters, chafing dishes, fry pans and many other items. The savings in cost, time and chemicals have been fantastic. The system is easy to use and service from Spectank® has been great.

I would not hesitate to recommend this to any catering establishment."

- A.R. Crowe
Executive Chef, Narangba Valley Tavern (Australia)


Hard Rock Cafe"We at Hard Rock Café have been using Spectank® since 2013 and have found that their product has been effective in cleaning our kitchens which in turn have streamlined our productivity and created a cost saving benefit."

- Manager
Hard Rock Café, Warsaw, Poland

"The system proved very easy to use and the results were amazing. The addition of the Spectank® System substantially reduced the dishwashing labour required and was a valuable addition to our kitchens. 

After using this system our equipment was incredibly clean and like new again.  

I highly recommend the Spectank® System as a valuable addition to any commercial kitchen."

- Daniel Clairet,
Executive Chef, Daniel et Daniel Caterers (Canada)

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