The simple, powerful, cost-effective & efficient way to remove the fat, oil & grease from your cooking equipment. 

  • Non toxic, non corrosive solution

  • Lower cleaning costs

  • Safe, quick & user-friendly

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Save time, save money

  • Clean filters, grills and more - while you sleep...

  • Allow's your KP's to be much more productive



Cleaning is an essential, but time consuming & expensive task.
Using Spectank® reduces & reuses the resources required for cleaning, and will save your kitchen 100’s of £ every month in lower water, labour, chemical and energy costs.
With the higher rates & rents, increasing food costs, weaker pound and other factors squeezing margins, the Spectank® System offers a golden opportunity to reduce costs and improve margins..


Not only is CARBSOLVE®, our proprietary cleaning powder, biodegradable, but the Spectank® System reuses the CARBSOLVE® & water solution for a full month of cleaning - significantly reducing the amount of water & chemicals used, (typically around 30 – 40%).
Spectank® cleaned equipment also requires less energy to cook with.


Spectank® eliminates the arduous task of scrubbing the grease, oil and fat from used equipment, allowing that person to be redeployed more effectively in the kitchen.

Using Spectank® alleviates some of the pressure in the kitchen, enables you to up-skill KP's, reduce staff turnover, and improve aesthetics and usability of cooking equipment.




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Pizza Pans
Baking Tray
Half Cleaned Tray
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A revolutionary de-greaser, REoven is designed to remove black carbon & residual grease/grime from various kitchen surfaces like ovens, counters, range hoods, walls, floors and more.

REoven is Food Safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive and very user-friendly making it the perfect complement to the Spectank system.


CARBSOLVE®, our proprietary cleaning powder, is the perfect companion for the tank, and together make up the Spectank® System.

It is a food safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable cleaning powder, solely for use in the Spectank® System.



Our tanks, built to exceptionally high standards, are available in a variety of sizes to ensure no matter the size of your facility - from small restaurant kitchen to large scale bakery, there's a Spectank® solution thats right for you.

Spectank® cleans black carbon, fat, oil, grease and grime from Grills, Filters, Pots, Pans, Gas Burners, Gastronome dishes and more... 

The return on investment was immediate.

Efraim Naon – Executive Chef, Barbounia Restaurant, Park Avenue, New York

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