You Can See The Difference Spectank® Makes!

Spectank® is much more than just a cleaning system. Our business model has been developed to make sure that you get maximum return from your investment. So instead of being a cost to your business, Spectank® operates as an asset.

From decarbonisation and fast, effective unrivalled customer service; our product and service has been designed from the ground up to ensure every aspect makes a real difference to how efficiently your business operates. 

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Effective cleaning is essential to ensure the safety and hygiene of a kitchen, but we all know how much time and effort is spent cleaning used equipment every day.


Spectank® reduces the labour, chemical, water and other resources required to clean and sanitise all your cooking equipment, and by soaking, rather than scrubbing, it extends the lifespan and reduces replacement costs too!

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Even though Spectank® requires minimal effort and resources, the results are outstanding - removing caked on black carbon and cleaning grease, oil and fat from used equipment.

Spectank® delivers when it comes to hard-to-clean kitchen equipment such as filters and gas rings and even works on aluminium.



CARBSOLVE® is our specially formulated cleaning powder for use in the Spectank® System. It’s an extremely powerful and effective cleaning system which is food safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable and user-friendly.

Together, Spectank® and CARBSOLVE® will remove all black carbon, fat, oil & grease from your cooking equipment.



Built to the highest specifications, there is no reason for your Spectank® cleaning system to fail, but should that happen for any reason, you can rest assured that one of our technicians will be round to have you up-and-running again within 24 hours.

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One application of CARBSOLVE® in a Spectank® will clean all the carbon, fat, oil & grease from your equipment everyday for a full month, significantly reducing the amount of water, chemical and energy used.

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Because it’s so quick, easy and convenient to use, Spectank® will take up little of your, or your employees’ time. Instead, you can delegate more value-adding activities that will contribute to job satisfaction, help develop their skills, reduce staff turnover and add value to the business.

Imagine! A piece of equipment that does your cleaning for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 365 days a year. The Spectank® is uncomplicated to use, takes up little space, but delivers outstanding results.

Bruno Gentile - President, Australian Culinary Federation, Queensland