Whatever type of cooking/baking facility you have, there’s a Spectank® model that meets your needs.

Each stainless steel soak tank comes with a thermostatically-controlled heating element and is double walled for improved insulation and lower running costs. A basket for easy loading/unloading of equipment is also supplied as standard.

But it’s the simplicity of the cleaning process that will make Spectank® one of the most indispensable tools in your operation!

The model you choose will depend on the size of your facility and, of course, how much equipment you need to clean. From the small Mini-Mini tank, that can be conveniently stored under a counter, to the much larger midi tank with a 350 litre or more capacity, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs.

But one thing comes as standard with all our solutions is outstanding customer service. At Spectank®, we understand the difference great customer service care can make, which is why we’re never happy until you are! As part of our service, we will do a site visit to understand your needs, advise on the most suitable Spectank® and demonstrate what Spectank® will do for your operation. We’ll also identify the best location for your Spectank to ensure you get the most benefit from your Spectank®.



Length (Ex / In):        625 / 570 mm    

Depth (Ex / In:           410 / 300 mm

Height (Ex / In):         740 / 595 mm

Volume                         90 Litres

Power:                          13A single phase

Capacity:                     3 filters

Recommended for:  Small Restaurant (Under counter)

mini-mini 7_edit.jpg


Length (Ex / In):          625 / 570 mm

Depth (Ex / In:              410 / 300 mm

Height (Ex / In):            840 / 695 mm

Volume                           105 Litres

Power:                            13A single Phase

Capacity:                        3 filters / 5 standard baking trays

Recommended for:     Small restaurant

mini 5_edit.jpg


Length (Ex / In):         675 / 620 mm

Depth (Ex / In:            520 / 410 mm

Height (Ex / In):          740 / 595 mm

Volume                          130 Litres

Power:                           13A single pahse

Capacity:                      6 filters + small grill

Recommended for:    Restaurant / Small hotel kitchen

Super Mini 6_edit (2).jpg


Length (Ex / In):            900 / 850 mm

Depth (Ex / In:               520 x 410 mm

Height (Ex / In):             820 / 675 mm

Volume:                           200 Litres

Power:                             13A single phase

Capacity:                         10 filters + medium grill / 30 -                                               40 baking trays

Recommended for:       Large restaurant /                                                                   Small bakery/caterer

econo 4_edit.jpg


Length (Ex / In):             900 / 850 mm

Depth (Ex / In:                635 / 525 mm

Height (Ex / In):              820 / 675 mm

Volume:                            250 Litres

Power:                               13A single phase

Capacity:                          15 filters + large grill / 60 - 70                                                baking trays

Recommended for:        Large restaurant / bakery /                                                   caterer / hotel banqueting                                                     kitchen

Super Econo 2_edit.jpg


Length (Ex / In):            1,080 / 1,030 mm

Depth (Ex / In:               640 / 560 mm

Height (Ex / In):             950 / 800 mm

Volume:                           350 Litres

Power:                              16A single phase

Capacity:                          90 - 100 baking trays

Recommended for:       Large bakery

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At Spectank®, looking after our customers is paramount, so we've designed a number of custom tanks for those customers whose space or equipment requires it.


Please get in touch for further information.